Table Tennis

Table tennis can be fast and furious like a playground fight, or a battle of wits between scheming grand masters, or both at the same time. It involves short, sharp movement, reflexes and stamina. The players at Penlan TT Club range from 11 years old to 80 years old, and the latter can beat all but a handful of players in the Swansea league. If you are competitive, you will enjoy it; if not, but you want a good workout minus the tedium of the gym, you will enjoy it. If you want sport but not the mud and injuries of a contact sport, you will enjoy it. If you want Zen, a meaningless activity that absorbs all your focus and leaves your mind refreshed, you will enjoy it. 

But so few people seem to realise this. There are people in the NHS, doctors and the like, who urge the media to urge the rest of us us to do more exercise. But it all sounds too Spartan, too uncomfortable, too self-denying. But table tennis is exercise and it’s fun. A pity they don’t teach that at medical school.

People think it looks like this. But it can look like this.

You like it now, don’t you? Penlan Table Tennis Club (other clubs are available) would be a good place to start: £3.50 for a three hour session and players of all abilities (from grannies to aspiring internationals) happy to help you get started and then make progress.